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“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

by on Nov.23, 2009, under baseball, human emotions

It’s been hard for me to find my words on here.  I’ve spread the word – I fear I’ve lost what little steam I had on here.  It’s so funny how you can have as many interests as I do, and as many opinions as I do, but when given a blank page to write on in recent times, neither come to form.

I’ve done writing exercises.  I’ve spoken to writers I believe in and admire, and I do what they say; just write.  Write, write, and write some more.  Who cares, just write.  It’s fun, but also aggravating, because no matter how much I try not to worry about the substance and stick to just the idea of writing, I want to make the words perfect.   And nothing is perfect.  Everything has its limits.

I’ve been using baseball on here to serve as a segway to a lot of emotions, feelings and psyches.  Honestly, my love of the game is the only sensible reason I have for doing so.  Baseball is a simple game played for simple reasons.  I almost get uncomfortable when a baseball player or coach is grilled on some sort of “mindset” when going up to the plate, or catching a ball, or throwing a pitch.  It’s simple; hit the damn ball, catch the damn ball, throw whatever pitch you know the batter won’t like.  It’s all about whether you can simply achieve that simple success or not.

Maybe that’s why I used baseball, come to think of it; nothing is more complex than human emotion; nothing to me is more simple than a baseball game.  Using something simple to relate something complex makes the task quite easy.

But I’m defining more, and I’m toning up this site more.  It’s not going to be just baseball.  Life can be defined through lots of methods, and I will be using this site to open every door I’d like to.

Stay tuned.

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