The Path of Thorns

An ear for music is very different from a taste for music. I have no ear whatever; I could not sing an air to save my life; but I have the intensest delight in music, and can detect good from bad.

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My original reason to write this blog was to build up a writing portfolio for a writing career I so deeply desire.  I transformed that into a site about expressions, feelings and social situations that people have, the ‘mask’ they wear, and how many of us hide ourselves to a fault, or almost to a fault.  I then brought my passions into the blog, referencing these thoughts and feelings; baseball and music.  It became a kaleidoscope of how people are, act, and feel, and how that’s associated with things that I love.  I haven’t loved that fusion, and I no longer enjoyed it and how unfocused it’s been.  It’s one of the biggest reasons why I haven’t written on here as frequently as I once did.  The other part of that was just a lack of inspiration, and I think the inward struggle I had with myself on here was a big cause of that.

So, I start over.  I thought about what I wanted to write about, and thought of only that alone.  I don’t want to impress myself, or force anything I’m not inspired to write.  I thought about what I’d simply enjoy doing, which is what I thought to do in the first place before I got all jumbled up.

I don’t enjoy most music critics; I don’t even enjoy reading the words of most pop culture writers in general, because I always see a sale behind everything.  Peter Gammons, Paul Gargano, Craig Calcaterra and Rob Neyer are the only people in the online writing world I truly enjoy and actually truly love.

So I decided to make a music critic site on my terms; albums I may or may not listen to as a fan, albums from yesteryear or from today.  I may even just dissect a song at a time.  I truly don’t know.  What I know is; I’d enjoy this, I’d be passionate about it, and the idea wouldn’t be to sell anything to anybody; it’d be more about understanding the musician, what they were trying to do, and if I enjoyed its end result or not.  I’m doing this for me, and I couldn’t be more excited.

So, stay tuned.

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