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Music often repeats itself.  Sometimes out of that comes something new and inspired, something that can be claimed as one’s own.  But most of the time music is recycled so closely that it’s more of a mimic and less of a revolution.  And in that comes many forgotten artists fallen by the marginal wayside.

I:scintilla is a continuation of goth and industrial music, but it’s certainly of its own.  Locally known but likable enough to take over both worlds.  It’s a genre filled with many geniuses; VNV Nation, KMFDM, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Bauhaus, NIN and so forth – but I:scintilla has their own claim, and their own sound.  It’s a separation from anything in the genre I’ve ever heard, and I can’t help but call them an all-time favorite of mine.

They have a new EP out, Prey On You.  It’s inspired, sure, but their own sound is so impacting and brilliant that you get the idea right away this band could very well, and very well should, reach the sounds of every industrial and goth lover on the planet.  The title track is catchy, easy to listen to but also very musically inclined.  Hollowed is incredibly bluesy and moody for its genre, with incredible harmony and an almost jam-like quality to it.  It’s got the phrase ‘prey on you’ embedded all throughout it, keeping with the great consistency of the feel of the album.  Ammunition is my favorite – a fast-paced, hard-hitting and intense track that reminds me of early NIN work, but clearly not.  They’re emotional songs, with personal stories told with melodies that a general audience can truly connect with.

Prey on You is a remarkable album by a remarkable band, and though it only contains three songs and five remixes, their span of talent is just unbelievable.  The remixes prove that you can dissect their carefully designed songs and recreate parts of it to bring new life to each track.  Some songs should never be toyed with; I:scintilla doesn’t ‘toy’ with their tunes, they master them.  Over and over again.

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