The Path of Thorns

Sweden’s best music will never be from ABBA.

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One of my favorite all-time bands, one of the best metal bands ever created, and one of the most promising groups of musicians I’ve ever heard, lived briefly in the mid-to-late nineties.  Their guitars were heavy and ugly enough to silence any other in their genre.  Their rhythms were as nasty as they were catchy.  The music they spanned in a few short years could have changed the scene forever.  They put on an incredible aggressive show, and captivated anyone that saw them.

That band was Drain STH; a band formed by four Swedish women that would lead you to believe they were Motorhead gone mad.  They made melodies ugly and phenomenal at the same time; something I haven’t heard before, or since.  Eleven years since their breakup, and I still miss their bone-crushing symphonies.

Horror Wresting ought to be defined as a metal necessity for any fan of the genre.  From the jaw-dropping heaviness of “I Don’t Mind” to the anthem that is “Serve The Shame”, to their hellfire cover of “Ace of Spades” that literally makes you feel like the apocalypse is about to incur its wrath all around you. And, in case you haven’t had enough of a powerful record thrown at you, they write the brilliant “Crack The Liar’s Smile” that sounds like something Nancy Wilson could have written.

But beyond that – their harmony, their excellent timing and their remarkable dark songwriting skills makes them as unique of a band as any I’ve ever experienced.  They were ahead of their time, and still are.  Every track had the same moodiness, but with different elements each time.  And having such a feminine looking band writing something so disgustingly fantastic made them even more interesting.

Their lead singer, Maria Sjoholm, married Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi and that was the end of that.  The other members play here and there, but they’ve never been able to find their niche since.  It’s such a shame, because in less than five years of playing music together, I easily mark them as one of the most unheralded, intelligent and mesmerizing metal bands in history.

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